Sunday, November 06, 2005

# 806 - # 810 / More Great Blogs !!!

#806. "Woof Nanny". Country - USA. An interesting blog from a lady who looks after cats & dogs, hence the blog name. She saw the "loo"photos up north in Kawakawa which inspired her to post her own "loo" photo !!! No - its not of "her" loo, but of the Mens Loo at a hotel here in our own Queenstown. She is a very "crafty" lady & she has a very nice blog.

# 807. "Bolasepako" Country - Singapore. A really great blog for "soccer-nuts" as it is a simple view on soccer in Singapore.

#808. "As I See It" !!! Country - USA. If every photo, was worth a thousand words, you would have a lot of reading to do, believe me. But don't take my word for it - have a look !!!

# 809. A Lover of Meat Loaf Country - USA. When I say "Meat Loaf" I mean the food kind, not the singer. He says he can't leap tall buildings any more - he's getting old !!! (Aren't we all. You have just aged an hour, while you are reading this - hehe !!!) It is an interesting blog.

# 810. "ShinG My Life" This is one of those blogs, where you may not understand the language, but you will certainly understand the "photos". I like to leave comments on "blogs" like these because at least then someone with "english" as their language has taken the time to have a look.