Tuesday, November 01, 2005

# 812 - # 817

Kia Ora Everyone,
Some more great blogs for you all to enjoy !!!

Don't forget to -
1/ Check under the "archives".
2/ Check out the "links"
3/ Check the other blogs that are listed as most are "updated" on a regular basis.
4/ Make a note of your "favourite numbers".
5/ Keep "coming back" !!!

# 812. Pork Chops Legacy Tells All Country - USA. Its not often that you find Americans "raving" about "burgers" from another country. Which country ??? New Zealand of course !!! He mentions "Burger Wisconsin" in one of his posts. Theres a little bit of the "f' word but what the heck - its a interesting blog & he mentions "our burgers" under the "Burger Quest 05 !!!

# 813. "Howling At The Moon" Country - USA This is a blog which I will leave up to you to comment on, whether it's a great blog or not. There's a few jokes - "Red Haired" not blond !!!

#814. Photos of Fast Cars & Fast Women Country - USA. There are some really great photos not only of cars & women, but places as well, including Dubai & Las Vegas,etc, etc. (Sorry guys, the women have clothes on !!!)

#815. A Sweet Life Country - USA. Searching for lifes beauty. Taking time to enjoy the fullness of life. Savoring the sweetness. The comments people have left her are just as interesting reading as the "posts" themselves.

#816. A Great "Bird" Lovers Blog If you like "birds" you will like this blog !!! I'm talking about 2-legged birds with feathers !!!

#817. NTolerance ??? Country - New Zealand This is a website not a blog, about a shop in a town called Pukekohe, on the outskirts of Auckland, which sells a wide variety of products for people with food intolerances and specialty dietary needs, including gluten free products.