Friday, August 25, 2006

Kia Ora Everyone, I dug the following out of the archives and edited it, a little bit and.........while I was there, I dug out 5 old(er) blogs that I had listed before and listed them again - #480 thru to #484. Just to show you that the blogs are updated and well wroth digging into the archives.

Whoever said that you cannot teach "an old dog" new tricks, has not met me. I am as happy as a pig in mud - well happier !!! I have said it before & I'll say it again - you are in for some treats, believe me. If for any reason, you feel I have slipped up and a great blog in my eyes is not a great blog, in your eyes - let me know !!! Leave a comment or send me an email - be blunt if you have too, get it out of your system. Let me know names of what you consider are great blogs and I'll pay them a visit. We don't mind if they are old or new, so as long there is nothing Blue !!!

We are all in this Blog World together. I have had a look at quite a few blogs. I always leave a message to say that I have paid a visit. Sometimes, I can be a bit blunt - Sometimes, I see a good blog,where the blogger may be thinking of throwing in the towel, because no one is leaving comments - I say, hey, you have got a great blog, "pull finger", keep posting, I'll be back....!!! (Still want to be friends ???)

Even when I come across, a blog where they have great photos, but whose language I can't understand, I leave a comment. There is an old saying,"One photo is worth a thousand words". People are "surprised" that someone from downunder in New Zealand has left them a comment. Especially, when its the first comment, they have received.

When I write to friends by hand, I always write " I am only as far away as your letterbox". Now adays with computers/blogs,etc I put "I am only as far away as your computer". If your computer is in your lounge or your bedroom, thats where I am, even though I could be thousands of miles from you. Just make sure, that when I pay a visit, you aren't sitting there in your birthday suit, or you may have to get curtains for your computer!!! (You got windows haven't you???)

Take care everyone and God bless !!!

Krazy Kelvin

#480. Re-listed - Sticky Rice !!! Country - Vietnam. I strongly suggest that you view this blog on a full stomach, because by the time you have had a look at just a few will be wishing you had eaten !!!

#481. Re-listed - Nottinghamshire Notes Country - UK. I well & truly missed the train with this one, as it has turned into brick !!! Also remember - Robin Hood & his Merry Men, in Sherwood Forest.........well they aren't in the blog, but photos of Sherwood Forest are - somewhere ???

#482. Re-listed - VignetteBricks Country - ??? Another one that spent time in the forest was ....."Tarzan", which had me singing..........Tarzan swings, tarzan falls, tarzan breaks his hairy b.......bricks !!! (One of the joys of remembering been a krazy kid !!!) A blog for the "kid" in all of us - that is if you are into Lego !!!

Footnote: Vignette = A scene built of Lego bricks on a small base.

#483. Re-listed - Woof Nanny !!! Country - USA. She is a "pet sitter" hence tha name. A lot great reading !!!

#484. Re-listed Get's News !!! Country - Japan. He says that he is a "greenhorn" when it comes to english, but.........I don't think so !!! It has been a while, since I last visited his blog - found that he got married last month !!! Congratulations !!!

#485. NEW- The Travelling Hungry Boy Country - A cameraphone driven molog of (mostly) gastronomic adventures and epiccurean mussings from a United 1K gobal traveller who thinks that Anthony B......... has the coolest job in the world !!!

#486.NEW- Seeing the Elephant (recreated) Country - USA. A journal of my Civil War (or other eras) reenacting experiences and observation, on the road, on the field, and on the 'net. To see "the elephant" was a slang term used by Civil War soldiers to be in a battle or to see the world.

#487. NEW- Jan In Sierra Leona This is the first blog that I have seen from Sierra Leona, during my search of the blog world using the "next blog" button. It was interesting to read, how different it is in their part of the world.

#488. NEW - Malaysian Fruits Country - Malaysia. I like peanuts which as we all know, grow in the ground, so where do cashew nuts grow ? In a tree !!! Plus a lot of other fruit, which made for interesting reading. She also has another blog "Little Fingers". What I found more interesting to read though, was her "About Me" on the side-bar. Have a look - we are but one world !!!

Footnote: It would make a interesting theme for a blog for bloggers to do in other countries, where "different fruit is grown". Maybe they could add to it, by doing a recipe as well using the fruit.

#489. NEW - Life's Simple Pleasures & Lessons Country - Singapore. I had a quick look at this blog which had some beautiful cards & sayings. I like this one the best !!!