Sunday, November 05, 2006

# 410 - # 419

#410. Tibetan-Wolf His words - "Everybody call me Tibetan-wolf. I am a sculptor. I was born in Tibet, got educated of art in China and in the United States. I love and appreciate all beautiful things of this world, except any kind of violence, hateful, abusive... but i am always wild unruly.... somebody said:you are not good look, but always smart then you look".
A great selection of photos.

#411. MN747Bound Country - Hong Kong. A lot of great photos - a bit of a traveller !!!

#412. Kiwi on Tour - RoadTrip USA 06 His words "A kiwi bloke's USA Road Trip, Fall 2006 A round trip, taking in as much as I can, from San Francisco & back again - thanks to my trusty Ford Aerostar & the all the helpful folks & interesting characters I meet along the way ..."

#413. A Cherished Memory Country - Japan. Her words - "Le patrimoine spirituel et culturel ☆ en français et en angl". A lot of interesting reading - worth sharing.

#414. Laugh & Peace Country - Japan. A great selection of photos.

#415. Emo Creations Country - USA.
His words - "The Calling of a man is hard to find, yet he still tries to listen to it as if he were trying to learn a new language. Through time, he finds the language soothing to the ear, only to find he is the only one who really understands the language, his Calling, his true life Calling." -Steven Ono

#416. Flo in Dubai I cannot understand the language, but the photo's speak for themselves.

#417. My Part of Nairobi One American's view of life in Kenya

#418. The Schmidt Files:Tandamenia Country - Australia. The bike riding adventures of an aussie family.

#419. Way Beyond The Outhouse Random Images From Around The World