Thursday, September 01, 2005


I'm back.............

Kia Ora Everyone,
AUGUST Blogs - The search for great blogs goes on & on & on - it's never ending. The more rocks I turn over the more blogs I seem to find. So this month for August, we have listed 21 rather than 13. But ....!!! We have only 13 magzines to give away, so if your blog is listed for August, send us an email - now !!! We will send out an envelope to the first 13 who email us their postal address. Each envelope will contain a copy of a NZ computer magazine, with a CD. We will email you back to confirm your postal address, before we mail you out the envelope.

JULY's Blogs - All 13 blogs listed for July receive a NZ Computer magazine with a CD. But...we are still waiting on a couple of people whose blog we listed, to send us their email address. You know who you are, so email us your postal address please. We will email you back to confirm it and post you out the magazine/CD.

In September - Because of the number of great blogs, we are finding out there in the blog world we have decided to list 6 new blogs each Saturday by 12 noon. It will save us a bit of time as well if we list them in small groups, rather than in one hit,The first 3 of those 6 listed to send us an email with their postal address, will be sent out a copy of a NZ computer magazine with a CD.
There a number of blogs out there that will appeal to "younger readers" of our krazy krazy bloggers, but I have listed them altogether as a "kid" in all of us. We still have 4 "numbers" spared, so later on, we may look at a "kids blog" to list websites for them - who knows ???

Your comments would be appreciated, so that I know that I am on the "right road" !!! I don't want to have to turn around & head back, as I will lose time !!!

#866 A Vintage Addict Country - Australia. This really great blog is the daily musings of a vintage (female) addict.

#867 A Great Gardening Blog Country - Australia

#868 A Great Gardeners Blog Country - USA

#869 Another Great Gardening Blog Country - Canada. This blog is Tarcottas Garden & Paint Passion !!!

#870 The Obsessive Gardener Country - USA

#871 Windows To Our World Country - Switzerland. A really great blog of life in Switzerland.

#872 Cards & Candles Country - Switzerland

#873 Great Recipes !!!

#874 Motorbike Racers Blog Country - USA

875 A Super cat & dog lover Country - Hong Kong

#876 Culinary In The Desert Country - USA. Food & Recipes !!!

#877 Recipes & Food. Country - India

#878 Eight Feet Deep Country - USA. Weird & Wonderful posts - no he's not a grave digger !!!

#879 An Angels / Doggers Baseball Country - USA. A great blog for "baseball/softball" fans. as it has a lot of links.

#880 Catholic Blog Country - USA. This blog, by a rector will take a while to down-load, as it is "full" of beautiful photos & pictures, plus there is a lot of links, to other blogs.

#881 Great Blog For Coin Collectors Country - USA

#882 Cats & More Cats Country - USA

#883 Great Photos Taken in Cambodia As they say - One photo is worth a thousand words !!!

#884 Great Singapore Photos

#885 At A Crossroads in Singapore !!!

#886 The insane ramblings Country - Alaska. Ramblings & photographs of a professional ski-patrol and Alaskan rafting glacier guide, currently livingin juneau, Alaska.

I'll be add some more !!! We won't start accepting emails, until all 21 blogs are listed.