Sunday, July 31, 2005

JULY - 13 Great Blogs & KAMA BLOGS

Kia Ora Everyone,
Finally - here are some great blogs to keep you all happy for 5 minutes. Once I get a Blogroll going" I will list them under the blogroll. A couple of the people, whose blog I have listed here, I haven't been able to contact as yet, but I am sure that they won't mind me mentioning their blogs on here.

It was a hard choice to make - because as I dug down deeper into the bog world, sorry BLOG WORLD and turned over some rocks, I found some great blogs. I haven't listed them or rated them in any particular order - I'll let you decide whats your favourite. What ever you do - when you pay them a visit leave a comment, if its possible. Also, don't forget that within the blogs there are links to other blogs as well. Check them out.

I have included a few words as to what you can expect within each blog, but....??? Will those whose blogs I have mentioned, please send me an email, by the end of August - no more than 100 words - describing what your blog is about.

I'll let you rate them !!! Don't forget when you visit a "blog" leave a comment & tell them Krazy Kelvin sent you !!!

# 887 Vietnamese God Country: Vietnam - This blog, is really great - so "full" of stuff, it would take you a month of Sundays to read if, you don't hurry up and have a look before he "posts" some more.

# 888 A Plus Forwards / A Plus Forwards Country: India - This "blog" is so good, we named it twice, as we didn't want you to miss looking in the "archives" !!! You will be in for a few surprises, believe me.

# 889 Sticky Rice Country: Vietnam - I suggest that you view this blog on a "full stomach" because if you don't by the time you finish, you will be hungry as. (All the pizza places will be busy !!!)

# 890 Tuxxer Books This site is not only about books, for within (just like the other blogs) there are links to other blogs. This has got toys and all sorts of things. You won't want to put it down !!!

# 891 Tech Blog Country : India - The owner of this blog says "A place to ensure that my genuis is not wasted on myself"

# 892 iSuman My Little Place On The Web Country: India. A great mixture of "stuff" !!!

# 893 Pure Florida Country: Florida, United States of America. The owner of this blog says "Welcome to pure Florida. If it ain't true Florida culture, it ain't here.

# 894 Movie Shaker Country: India. The owner of this blog says "Movie Shaker provides you with unread real reviews on television programs & movies from all genre with snapshots. Kindly forgive us, that our movie listings are assorted.

# 895 Murmurs Overtures Noise Country: Tokelau,Palau, Vanuatu. The owner of this blog says "The acoustics of a cacophonousrambling mind.

# 896 Daves Pic's Country: Anchorage, Alaska. Great Photos !!!

# 897 The Big Mirror Sussex, United Kingdom. Great Photos !!!

# 898. Best foreign language /Korean Blog. Having dug deeper into this blog, there is more to it, than I realise. They are a couple of music videos/one in english & one in Korean, as well as a game where a dog collects bones (which even I could play) plus photos & links to asian people. It turn out to be a really interesting blog.

#899 The Secret to Feng Shui is revealed. Have a look at this site.


"Posts" may be posted on one or more blogs, by Krazy Kelvin.
All emails for KAMA BLOGS to
Text messages to 021 2020803 or 0274 219300
Postal Address: (Available soon)

# 979 KAMA BLOG #21 This blog - the "KEY" to the door of all our KAMA BLOG FAMILY BLOGS as well as the "Key" to other great blogs that we have read and also those that we have yet to read.

# 980 KAMA BLOG #20 ???
# 981 KAMA BLOG #19 ???
# 982 KAMA BLOG #18 ???
# 983 KAMA BLOG #17 ???

# 984 KAMA BLOG #16 Auckland - Whats On

There is so much to see and do in Auckland, that we cannot possibly list each and evrything that is going to happen, so we will list only a few each month. If you know of anything that is worth listing, please let us know. Yes - we have already listed Farmers Santa Parade on November 27th. (Rain date, if wet - 4th december)

# 985 KAMA BLOG #15 VI VI VI is your blog !!! What do you think of the date 6/6/6 - is it the devils number ??? We are hoping to get 665 "posts" from friends with their thoughts on what they think of this day. Any friend out there, no matter in what country you live, send me an email now The best "post" out of the 665 will be reposted again as the 666th, at 6 seconds & 6 minutes past the 6th hour on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year.

#986 KAMA BLOG #14 Blogger B Bl Blo BlogThis is the blog where we "post"the answers to any questions people have emailed us, regarding "blogs". It is also where we "talk" about starting your own blogs. I say "blogs" because there is no reason why you have to stop at just "one". Look at me - really krazy !!!

#987 KAMA BLOG #13 FREEBIES This is where we list freebies by number only. Futher details are supplied under Blog #12

#988 KAMA BLOG #12 VI VI VI Kama Blog Freebie Details This is where we will "post" details of "freebies, plus details of who has donated the freebies, etc as well as their website address. So - donations are welcome !!! Vouchers are "good". Please email us first and tell us what you have got. Donations of "cash" also welcome from friends out there, especially those millionaire mates, because you can't take it with you. Yes, I know that I am taking the big black limo - that is so we can ride in style. No petrol, no problem - 10 push, 10 ride, I'll steer. Aren't I a good friend to you or what !!!

#989 KAMA BLOG #11 Heaven On Mother Earth This is your BLOG !!! You can send by email, or "post" direct on to this blog, (if you are a friend, contact me regarding the password) any thing that you want to write about. It can be a joke, a poem, a recipe, a story, whatever !!! As long as it is clean and not "blue", I sure people will love you. If you have your own blog, you can also include a link to your blog, if you wish. Spam will be deleted !!!

#990 KAMA BLOG #10 Kelvin A Memory Always Daily News This is where I share with you, news of the day from my point of view as well as tell you what I have been up to, or going to get up to, etc, etc.

#991 KAMA BLOG #9 Postage Stamps & More There are a lot of people around the world that collect New Zealand Stamps as well as other collectiables. Twice a week, we will tell you a little bit about stamps of the past. We would also like to hear from you as to what "weird & wonderful" things that you collect, because every now & again, we will mention the weird things people collect.

#992 KAMA BLOG #8 Golden Oldies & Granny Smith This is Granny Smiths domain for what she kindly calls the "Golden Oldies". She says what she wants to say, because as she puts it, she is getting to old "to beat around the bush". If people don't like what she says, "tough titties" as she says !!! She welcomes emails of memories,recipes, helpful hints, etc from the old(er) people, plus once she gets the ok, she will list names & addresses etc of places, clubs, groups, etc. Old(er) people will be able to log on and read how life for the "golden oldies" compares to life in their own country.

#993 KAMA BLOG #7 New Zealand Photos Gallery This is where we will post "photos" of places, etc from around New Zealand, especially tourist attractions, as there is so much to see and do around NZ. We will also write a few words and include a website address if possible.

#994 KAMA BLOG #6 Before Leaving Our Great Gods Earth Remember" This is where we will be posting letters/emails/texts, etc that Krazy Kelvin has received, or receives - especially those from "friends" who he has helped over the years.

#995 KAMA BLOG #5 War Of The Wor(l)ds We, like any family "talk" about a number of things. Sometimes, it gets a little bit hot in the kitchen as we "exchange words". Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to get something through to Muggins - my friend of many years standing - while other times, you would swear that there is nothing in his head, as anything you tell him seems to go in one ear and out the other. We get there - in the end !!!

#996 KAMA BLOG #4 Kelvin A Memory Always Gallery This is where we will be "posting" photos of "Kelvin" so if you have any photos - past or present - please email us and we will give you a postal address to send them to. We will scan them on to the blog. Please note - send copies of photos only - don't send your only photo, as it may get lost in the post. We can also send you the "password" if you rather us do that, then you can scan on to the blog yourself. Any future photos of Kelvin, will also be posted here.

#997 KAMA BLOG #3 We Award Little Awards Round The Blogs Every time, that we "log" on we spend time searching the "blog world" for great blogs to read, that we can share with you. We were going to list only 13 per month, but we may end up listing more. If we do end up listing more, we will choose 13 to send out of all those we list and send them out a small award. It may only be 6 assorted NZ postcards, but its a step in the right direction as we start giving back something to the "blog world". We will email the person and ask them for their postal address.

Sorry - Blog has been deleted #998 KAMA BLOG #2 Haven On Mother Earth is our H.O.M.E, where we will list events happening in & around the Auckland area, which may be of interest to other people. We will list events from other areas as well, if the need arises. But dont forget, it is not only our HOME but also yours, so pay a visit. The door is open 24/7 !!! Make sure you wipe your feet !!!

#999 KAMA BLOG #1 Kelvin A Memory Always This is the first ever blog that we started back on Black Friday, the ,13th of May 2005. Each Saturday by 12 noon, we will have put on a new "post" of 10 of an assortment of different things. We are back-to-front though. We have numbered our "posts" - starting at #999, as we head to #1 - so that any time that you "log" on and read, you will know where you left off. Plus if there is any post, that you find amusing, you will be able to tell your many friends, what the "actual number" is rather than them having to search the blog.