Sunday, September 18, 2005


18/9/05 - Still waiting on word from the people behind these blogs. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. If you can't wait any loner email me Quote: PZ/01
I'm back...............



Kia Ora,
Everyone who is anyone especially teenagers,
CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE (Will be available within soon !!!)
I have broken the LINK, just for the meantime while I check out a couple more blogs. I have also sent an email, to the people involved. Believe me these are great blogs.... I wouldn't lead you up the garden path - would I ??? Maybe I would, but I certainly wouldn't hold your hand as I don't know if its clean or where its been. Send me an email or if you want me to email you as soon as the link is up. It won't be more than 7 days, I promise. You can keep coming back as over the next few days, while I am waiting I will be adding other blogs. I'll give you a 24 hour warning, before I open the link. Don't forget to tell all your friends - they will love you for telling them.

It just happened to fall into my hands. I have had a quick look at the main website, as well as a couple of the "links" but I haven't had time to check all the links out.
If you have any complaints (don't complain to me, that I should of told you about this site sooner, because all I would say to you is tough ****) about any of the links within this website, please email me I'll have another look and may be delete the link.

I'll be back............