Friday, September 30, 2005


#845 Hurricane Rita Plus More A look at Hurricanes, including some news on "Rita"

#846 Videos of Hurricanes,etc

#847 More On Hurricanes, including "Rita"

#848 Hurricane Katrina Country - USA. Photos & More !!!

#849 In The Thick Of It - Hurricanes !!! Country - USA. No, he's not a grave digger, but it is a very interesting blog to read.

#850 For Wine Drinkers Country - USA. This blog not only mentions wines, but also has recipes. Here is a link as well
to his parents blog. Country - USA. His parents are 92 & 93 years old.

#851 An Interesting Blog Country - South Africa

#852 Bloggers Biggest Loser Weight Lose Challenge Winner 2005 Country - Hawaii. This blog is interesting reading for anyone who is losing or even thinking of losing weight. There is also some great photos to inspire you, as well as links for recipes,etc like #853.

#853 Low Carb Recipes to help you on your way.

# 854 "Wildlife At Willowbank" Country - USA. This is a blog that really gets to the "heart of nature" - the birds, the bees, the flowers & the trees !!!

# 855 Britain's Butterflies & Moths

#856 One for the Ladies who are into Baking; Beads; Books; Buttons; Gardens; Hens; Knitting & Sewing.

#857 Cupcakes & More Cupcakes. Everything you ever wanted to know about cupcakes from cupcake fans.

#858 More Cupcakes !!! Country - USA

#859 A Knitting Blog with a lot of links.

#860 A Great USA Blog with a lot of interesting photos.

#861 France I can't understand the language, but I can sure understand the photos. As they say, one photo is worth a "thousand words.

#862 Interesting !!! Country - USA. A Singapore student attending Staford Uni in USA. There are some great photos.

#863 Great Blog Country - Singapore. This is a blog which I enjoyed reading through because of the interesting posts, including her thoughts on music,etc.

#864 Take A Ride On The Wild Side ??? Country - Singapore

#865 Formula 1 / Moto GP. Country - USA. A great blog for followers of Formula 1 motorsports.