Monday, October 24, 2005

# 819 - # 820 Two Great Blogs

#819 One Of The Biggest Blogs I have Seen !!!
Country - USA. Someone left a comment, on one of my blogs that "my blogs were confusing" !!!
Hopefully they will read this and have a look at this blog, because the "blogroll" seem to go on & on & on !!! Comparing profile views - His:1638 Mine:1821
He has a counter on his blog, at about 75000 who have view his blog, which would equal out to about 46 people per profile view. Taking those figures into account, my would have to be nearly 84000. But.... who knows ???

#820 This is his blog as well Country - USA. It has recipes & recipe books, etc. One of the cookbooks is "Muppet Picnic Cookbook", which features Miss Piggy & Kermit on the cover. When I read the recipe he has listed as well, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Miss Piggy and so will you !!!