Saturday, October 22, 2005

Great Blogs - # 821 - #826

Kia Ora Everyone,
Having search the blog world for a few months, I have "viewed" a lot of blogs. There are a wide variety of topics - in fact I think every subject under the sun must be covered in one way or another. From what I read somewhere, there are millions & millions of blogs !!! So this blog could go on & on and never run out of great blogs to list. This will be the last time I list Blogs as a batch of 6 - after this I will list blogs as I find them. Then that way, I don't have to go back over the blogs I have made a note of, to see what they were like, again. So keep going back as more & more blogs get listed. Don't forget to keep checking back, as most of the blogs - even those listed back in July - get updated on a regular basis by the person/s who owned them.

Take care everyone & God Bless.

#821 Urban Fly Flishing On The Kelvin Country - Glasgow, Scotland. "Observations on Fly Fishing. The Kelvin is my home water, but I range far & wide !!! A great blog for anyone into "fly fishing".

#822 Another Great Fly Fishing Blog Country - ??? This is one of the "links" within #820, just to show you what you are in for.

#823 The Baker Who Cooks Country - Singapore. A great blog, just like it says - great recipes !!! By great - I really do mean "GREAT". There are also a "lot of links" within this blog. Have a look, but don't forget to come back !!!.

#824 "Sweet Oven" Country - USA. Another great foodie blog which is a link within #823, so you can see what you are in for.

#825 Gluten Free Girl Country - USA,. This is another great recipe blog, not only for those who have to stay "gluten free" but for anyone !!! Again there are more recipes & links than you can "shake a stick at", so again, don't forget to come back.

#826 Farm Girl Fare Country - USA. This is one of the links within #825 so you can see what you are in for.