Friday, November 11, 2005

# 800 - # 804 / More Great Blogs !!!

#800. Monkeys & More Monkeys

#801. "An Olde English Blog" Country - United Kingdom. Do you remember "Robin Hood & His Merry Men" in Sherwood Forest ??? Well, you are right in "that forest" with this blog, plus a few "old buildings" from the 1600's. I kid you not.

#802. A Great Blog For Bike Riders Country - USA. If you are into "biking", this is a great blog - "push bike & mountain bike riding" that is, as well as other photos.

#803. Fast Cars & Slow W..... !!! Country - France/Japan. Despite what you think,the "w" is because its a slow "website" to download. If you have dial-up it may take you a while to download. You may want to have a drink or two of coffee, while you wait, but it's worth the wait. There are a lot of other interesting photos as well. You may not understand the language, but you will understand the photos.

#804. Lego, Lego & More Lego !!! You wouldn't believe some of the things they have made out of "Lego". Plus there are links to other "Lego" blogs as well.