Sunday, November 13, 2005

# 795 - # 799

# 795. Woman Talk About War & Terrorism

# 796. One for the "older man" !!! Country - Australia. OMNI is the communication channel of OMNi groups in Australia. OMNI's mission statement - To promote, encourage and develop improvement of the physical, intellectual, spirtual andsocial well-being of "older men". Maybe they will come to NZ one day - who knows ???

# 797. A wonderful world !!! Country - Japan. A wonderful little blog, with great photos, a google ad for Christchurch, plus on Wednesday Sept.28th, she went to see.........Russell Crowe in Cinderalla Man !!!

# 798. Great Photo Blogs Country - China. For those of you who have never seen "the great wall of china" feast your eyes on these photos !!! There are 3 blogs in total.

# 799. Dr Livingstone, I Presume ??? Country - Africa. With this blog, one would feel as if at any given time, Dr Livingstone, would step into the picture. A lady from Canada on tour in Africa. Great Photos, plus a few links on Africa. At the end of the post for "Monday 7th Nov.", is a link to "Shira Plateau". Click on that - scroll to the bottom of the that blog. There you will see New Zealand listed as one of the featured vacation destinations. Click on & have a look, but don't take all day or we may ask to see your visa & passport. (hehe)