Wednesday, April 26, 2006

# 580 - # 589

Kia Ora / Haere Mai, I think everyone by now has learnt what those "maori" words mean !!! If they don't, well just tough - they can look back at the older posts and see. Well time is counting down - to ANZAC DAY on 25th April. I have done a special for it this year as I wasn't around the blog world this time last year. I hope everyone likes it - click it on and see. There's a lot of websites to have a look at it and been ANZAC Day,if you live in NZ or Australia you will hopefully be at one of the Dawn parades. I am going to change my hours of blogging and attend a Dawn service - for the first time in my life !!!

#580. NEW - Jokes & More Jokes !!! Country - Australia. Young people sit up straight and take notice, because you can learn a lot from an old(er) person and have a good laugh as well !!!

#581. NEW - Rammy's Ramblings Country - Philippines. How often do you say "Thank You" to your parents. This blogger "says it & means it" !!! Is this a rare thing these days - as rare as hen's teeth ??? You tell me. It's a great little blog - but given time, he will end up a krazy blogger like me !!! I just know it. The photo system he has got on there is great as well. He just keeps added to it - nothing else to do, Rammy ???

I'll be back............... to finish this off !!! I am going to have to sort through all the lists of blogs I have got and find the ones I marked to "list" !!! In future, I think I will list them as I find them, rather than wait !!!

#582. NEW - Bike Racing !!! Country ??? This will be very interesting reading to anyone in the sport of bike racing - great photos as well for those who just like looking at the pictures !!!

#583. NEW- A Real Mixture !!! Country - Taiwan. A real mixture of not only language but also a real mixture of photos, include the "Concord" which as we all know has now had its day !!! Don't forget to have a look in the archives !!!

#584. NEW - Garden Of Eden !!! Country - Panama. If they gave out prizes for great gardens, this blog would be one of the first in line !!! I haven't seen anything like it - it's really great. Enjoy, but don't "rest" for too long, or they may start charging rent !!! (hehe)

#585.NEW- Great Photos!!! Country - Malta. One of those blogs, where I couldn't understand the language (the language is Catalan, from Catalonia, near Spain) They are living in Malta for a year. If you take into account the old saying of - 1 photo is worth 1000 words - this blog would have thousands of words. I love the parade photos.

#586 Going to the movies ??? Well - you will want a lot of candy as well to take with you. Enjoy but make sure you take all your wrappers with you, or you won't get invited back - again !!!

#587. White Man In South Africa A very interesting blog with lots to read and for those who can't read - well there's always the photos to look at !!!

#588. NEW - Interesting Reading Country - Russia. I haven't seen many blogs as big as this from Russia. It has a lot of very interesting posts to read.

#589. NEW - The Debris Field Country - USA. When I clicked on next blog from looking at #588, this blog "popped" up. It was very interesting too - plus there are 3 other blogs. One about UFO's !!! There's also a little man, waving out to everyone - I think he is lost ??? No - it isn't me !!! Plus there's a post about Russia missle, with a link to their paper, Pravda.