Monday, May 08, 2006

# 569 - # 579

#569 Re-listed - What Can I Say !!! Country - Philippines. Its not very often that words fail me. Maybe once or twice in each lifetime (hehe) but honestly this blog is really great. It even has a "link thing" for comments so I may give it a go !!! Who knows - I might be able to work it out.

#570 NEW - Great Photos Country - ??? When I surf the blog world, I come across a lot of blogs where I cannot understand the language, but with beautiful photos like these you don't need to read - just look !!! As they say - "a photo is worth 1000 words". Enjoy !!!

#571. Changed - NEW - For Baseball Fans !!! Country - USA. If I had to choose just one blog for baseball, this would be it !!! Enjoy baseball fans !!!

# 572 NEW - Sheeeeeeeep !!! Country - Japan. He came down in the world, to Australia, where he lived for "a year" but never crossed the ditch to visit NZ. I said to him, shame on him - go to the rubbish bubble !!! (hehe) He has some great photos, as well as interesting comments about the photos. Given time, he may (hopefully) post photos of Japan.

# 573 NEW - Great Choppers !!! Country - Kuwaiti. A true biker that found the only escape from living in taking long motorcycle rides down the highway !!!

I'll be back to complete these !!! Completed Monday 8th

# 574 Interesting Blog Country - USA. There are three blogs here - the couple are from India, but live in the USA. The second blog is their wedding blog which is totally different to what we term a white wedding here in NZ. The third blog is their San Francisco honeymoon Talk about great photos !!!

# 575 ??? ??? Country - UK. A strange blog with a lot of hits - has already had 11,000 profile views / 400,000 normal views - what it is. Check it out for your self !!! I didn't see any of the SSSSSSSssssss word either !!!

#576. Relections On The Heart Country - USA. A truly inspiring blog with great poems & reflections !!!

# 577 Boxings Boom Boom Room Country - USA. If you are into boxing, you can't go past this blog !!!

# 578 Resenda Agora !!! Country - Brazil. One of those blogs where I cannot understand the language, but boy what photos - I really mean it. Pop stars, including the Rolling Stones & Bono; Prince Phillip; Tony Blair; Bill Clinton; Bill Gates - the list goes on & on and that was only in Fevereiro (February)

# 579 Adega - Interesting !!!Country - Portugal. Another one of those blogs, where I could not understand the language, but I certainly understood, the photos, etc, etc, etc. Three that stuck out were a post for Janeiro 19th (January) for the website of the "Million Dollar Page" - click on it for a larger image- yes, the owner of the blog made a cool million cool dollars; there are also two posts for January 16th, one for "green pigs" that glow in the dark and one of a "big lady" putting up a poster on the wall for her "little lost dog", which is in the picture, but she can't see him ???

Footnote: Changed country from Brazil to Portugal. This really is a great blog to browse because the pictures, etc speak for themselves