Sunday, April 02, 2006

# 620 - # 629 Is Big Better ???

Kia Ora (Hello), I have been all around the mullberry bush, or what ever you called it, turned my room upside down, looked in all my boxes & 3 drawer filing cabinet of "stuff" for my blogs and do you think I can find it - not on your nelly !!! I found everything but what I was looking for - a book with blog addresses in it. I promised I would list a blog, but.......... next time fella. !!! I have put a reserve on #625 and will fill in the gap, when I find the book.

#620. New - A BIG BLOG !!! Country - Canada. You have to have a look at this - in all my blog search days, I have never seen anything so big - it's "huge" !!! I'm talking about his blog and all the listings on his side-bar !!!

#621. New - Elephant Reintroduction Foundation Country:Thailand. A team dedicated to a management system for the rehabilitation of captive elephants, so they can be released back into the wild.

#622. NEW - Supermans Home Town Country: Metropolis, USA. A very interesting blog with great photos, including photos of "Superman" !!!

#623. NEW- Exposed Agenda Country- USA. You know, when you are out on the road, driving along when you see a warning sign in the back window of a vehicle - "Baby On Board" !!! Well, this blog needs a warning sign or two or three, depending on how broad-minded you are !!! And I mean "broad" in the biggest sense of the word. Have a look at the posts for Thursday, April 6th
"Warning - Big Cat & Even Bigger (Naked) Man On Board" !!!
If you are female and like chatting on chat rooms,don't blame me, if the photo puts you off. He is still side on not front on so you don't see very much !!!

Footnote: There's also a post with one those quiz things that you can do. about what you will come back as, after you die. The blogger whose blog it is, mentioned that he will be coming back as an "elephant". When you have a look at the post for the quiz, don't forget to leave a comment or two or three !!! No prize for guessing who left "3 comments" and no banana either for guessing what I'm coming back as !!! (hehe)

#624. NEW - Big Truck Photos Country - Spain. They are really great truck photos, plus there are 15 other blogs listed in the side bar. I had a look at a couple, which had "models" as part of the name (it's one of those blogs, where I could not understand the language) but I knew that it was "truck models" even before I had a look.

# 625. RESERVED !!!

#626. NEW- Big Plane !!! Country - USA. A great blog with video's etc, etc. have a look at the video for March 27th - watch an AIRBUS A380 coming into land. Its their new double-decker plane in which a test run or what-ever you call it, saw 873 people exit the plane in 80 seconds. (one person, broke a leg - full story on the blog, by the video)

It's been a big day so far.........big blog; big elephants; big superman; big cat; even bigger man; big trucks; big plane. I didn't plan it like this, I assure you !!! Wonder what's around the corner or over the brow of the hill - better keep left.....................or in the bush !!!

I found it - I found it !!! No, I didn't find my book - I think the little man has hidden that - but I did find a great place, we can go on our Poetry In Motion "mystery trip" on the 6th May. We are going to go for a walk and hopefully if we keep our fingers crossed, we won't run into these two bulls in the back-country bush !!! If we do its every man & woman for themselves !!!

#627. NEW - A LOT OF BIG BULLS !!! Country - NZ. It pays to keep "left" when you are on the roads in New Zealand because you never know - although these "two big bulls" who car-jacked the farmers ute couldn't get passed the "cattle-stop" !!! Click on - you will see two bulls sitting in a ute - just under that is "The Best & Worst Ads 2005" - click on that - you will see the two bulls again - click on and watch the video. Its a great video. Thumbs up to the two big bulls !!! The single bull is about the "bull in a china shop" !!!

#628 NEW - You May Need One or Two Country- USA. If you have managed to get this far you deserve to sit back in your favourite chair, put your feet up and guzzle one or two of these - bottles, not dozens !!! It reminds me of a friend - when anyone asks him if he drinks, he says noooo, he doesn't drink !!! Well in a-round-about he's telling the truth - he doesn't drink, he guzzles !!! His favourite party trick, from what I have heard, is to put his head back and guzzle a down a "yard glass" of beer, without taking a breath !!!

#629. Funny Commercials !!! Country - USA. Here's some funny videos to watch. Don't forget to look in the archives - I did - February !!! There's a video of a big b.......bear !!! Enjoy - don't choke on your beer as I need you in one piece next week !!!

Well, thats it folks !!! Don't forget I'll be doing 24/12/24 Easter weekend, but you know that already as you have check out "notice board" !!! Whats 24/12/24 ??? I blog for 24 hours - sleep for 12 - blog for 24 hours - again !!!

Its not the memories I have, its the memories I leave behind !!!