Sunday, March 19, 2006

# 630 - # 639

# 630. NEW - "Voice of Eternity !!! Country - Iran. This blog I was going to list @ # 637 but having had not one but several looks, including in the archives, I decided to list it first, this week, and move all the other blogs, down one just so people would & could not miss it. I am sure that you will agree with me, when I say it is the best Iran blog I have seen, as he covers a lot of different subjects & people.

# 631. NEW - Tradpad !!! Country - Australia What's in a name ? This lady has a few blogs. There are some really great photos on here of the Commonwealth Games opening, etc, including one of Queen Elizabeth, who as we all know is the Head of the Commonwealth countries, plus other great photos as well.

# 632. NEW - This is another blog of hers Country - Australia. With more great photos of the Iraq 3rd Anniversary Rally & March in Melbourne. She also has a food blog called "OZ Tucker" which I have listed under World Recipes & Foodie Blogs - Australia.

# 633. NEW - Great Photos !!! Country - Germany. I could not understand the language, but I certainly understood the photos. I am not too sure where they have been taken though.

# 634. NEW - A Stitch In Time !!! Country - United Kingdom. A really great blog which has a few links to blogs in other countries. I noticed 3 blogs listed from NZ listed. If you can't pick out the 3, I'm sorry but you need glassess, especially if you are stitching as well, because you are liable to poke someone with your needle !!! (hehe)

# 635. NEW - Zero Is My Name !!! Country - Iran ??? I am just guessing at what country this blog is from - sort of going on the same sort of language which I noticed on another blog. I say noticed, because I cannot read it. But don't worry, "english" is included as well. It has very interesting tips to help bloggers understand blogs, etc.

# 636. NEW - Windows Tips & Tricks Country - ??? Another great helpful blog.

# 637. NEW - GET NEWS !!! Country - Japan. A very interesting blog with a mix of Japanese & english, plus some great photos and one of which he is driving !!! Also in one of the videos, he was watching the water and not the beautiful scenery walking pass !!!

# 638. NEW - Great Photos Of Stars !!! Country - UK. There are a lot of photos, believe me. If you are still on dial-up, I suggest that you go and make a cup of coffee (or 2) while it down loads.

# 639. NEW - Great Photos !!! Country ??? This is another blog in a language I cannot understand, but what great photos. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.