Thursday, June 01, 2006

# 530 - # 538

#530. Just Another Football Fan Country - ??? When I was searching the blog world, this blog came into play, so with everyones mind (well nearly everyones) on the world cup, I had to list it. It's a great blog with a couple of videos as well.

Footnote: The Official Website for the 2006 Cup in Germany

#531. Brochus Of Arabia Country - Qatar. An innteresting blog to read about life in the middle east.

#532. Persian Humor Country - Iran. I received an email from this lady, who asked me to have a look at her blog and give her "my honest opinion" !!! I had a quick look - played the beer bottle game, which is ??? I have yet to have a look through more of her blog. From what I have seen, there is nothing wrong with it - in fact, I think it's great. What is your honest opinion ? Leave her a comment.

#533. NEW - Nihonjin In New York Country - USA. A japanese person, living in Manhattan. A great blog in both english & japanese. They also have another blog Lets Study English where again, there is both english & japanese.

#534. NEW - Monstrosselom Country - UK.
Even though the lady is from the UK, the photos, which are really great, are of Guatemala.

#535. NEW - Tundra Medicine Dreams Country - South Alaska. And you all thought eskimos lived in igloos ??? Noooooo - times change. This is a a style of living like no other, which makes very interesting reading.

#536. NEW - Is This Thing On ??? Country - UK. Well, I think it's on !!! If you are reading this then it's on, so have a look at this blog, plus his other blog as well. Please note: it's strictly -BYOC !!! (Bring your own coffee)

#537. NEW - Life After Work Country - USA. There are a lot of interesting posts, including posts about a 24 hour bike race.

#538. NEW - Brian's Journeys Country - USA. I don't know how this fella manages to get any work done in his "out-of-doors" office !!!