Wednesday, May 31, 2006

# 539 - # 549

#539. NEW - Leila Magazine Country - ??? Very interesting reading,
plus some great photos, including the one of "baby washing snake" !!!

Footnote: 11th June - The "baby photo" must be old, because Qeun Sambat is now 6 years old and lives in a village of Sit Tbow in Cambodia, with his 5m python which is his "best friend". Superstitious villagers are flocking to see Qeun, who they believe has supernatural powers and was probably the son of a dragon, in a former life.

#540. NEW - I Reckon !!! Country - Australia. Born in Malaysia, but has lived in other countries including here in NZ at Wellington. Listen to the video, Advance Australia Fair !!! (post - Saturday 27th May)

#541. NEW - I Need A Hot Stuff Country - UK. Interesting photos etc of cebs, including ......oopps, I almost dropped the baby, because I was only using one hand - I had a glass in the other plus my "minders" couldn't help by carrying my drink or the baby !!!

#542. NEW - Gutterkat Abroad !!! Country - Australia. Great photos & more !!!

#543. NEW - RandomClicker Country- Sri Lanka. Great selection of photos & interesting posts.

#544. NEW - Chronicles Of A Frenchie Country - Malaysia. Great selection of photos. I liked the really hot photos of the beautiful models............ of the cars that is !!! He is a young blogger but an "old" blogger as far as profile numbers go. My profile number is 9,098,295 - started my blog as you all know on May 13th, 2005 - whereas his profile number is 346,822.

#545. NEW - Great Photos Country - Seoul, South Korea. Great photos of Gyeongbokgung Palace & Korean Folk Museum.

#546. NEW - Hil Swizzle Drizzle Country - Australia. Lots of great photos as well as interesting reading -what more could you want ???

#547. NEW - Travel Photos !!! Country - USA. Interesting travel photos from France.

#548. NEW- Japan Adventure Country - Japan. I could not find anywhere on this blog to leave a comment, but I have sent a email to tell them that I have mentioned their blog on here. The blog is nearly a couple of years old and has a lot of great photos of Japan. Don't forget to look in the archives !!!

#549. NEW - Pernnial Passion Country - USA. Interesting posts of blogging tips,etc plus some great photos.