Friday, July 21, 2006

# 510 - # 519

WARNING - The Lebanon pictures on the following blog are very horrific. If photos of "dead children" upset you, DO NOT VIEW !!!

#510 Stand Up For Our Beloved Lebanon

Toot Toot A La Beirut - A blogger that was in living Lebanon. Have listed it on Around The World In 80 Blogs only.

#511. NEW - Dive Sub-Club Country - Singapore. For those into diving, etc, etc this is a really great blog by the National University of Singapore Dive Sub-Club. There are some really great photos of the "Sydney Aquarium". Also some great "mermaid photos" !!!

Footnote: I have also listed a great New Zealand Dive Blog on my NZ Blogs

#512. NEW - The Travels of Rachel & Scott Country - USA. In January 2006, Rachel & Scott quit their jobs to travel the USA & ..............the world !!! Follow their travels, but it may take a while to download if you are not on broadband.

#513. NEW - In The Nick Of Thailand Country - Traveler !!! A lot of great photos.

#514. Harry Wells Country - USA. A very interesting life story by a 72 year old man, which is well worth reading by young & old !!! It is what memories are made of.

#515. Field Notes From An Evolutionary Psychologist Country - Australia. If you like reading about animal habits, you will like this blog.

#516. Bouncing Along The Waterside Country - USA. Bugs, butterflies, flowers & vegetables. Organic vegetables that is. I listed her blog before but..........the video "Store Wars" (in her archives - Wednesday April 12th) is worth watching again & again. You may never look at a vegetable in the same light, again. May be the force be with you !!! Watch out for your kids playing with their food - the big ones as well as little ones !!!

#517. Steve's Mining News Country - USA. An interesting blog, if you are interested in opal mining. Also some great photos.

#518. West Virginia Hotdog Blog Country - USA. I suggest that -1. If you don't like hotdogs, this blog may not be to your liking, but........2. On the other hand, if you love "hotdogs" - "hog in, don't wait" !!! Just make sure you have eaten.

#519. Leila Magazine !!! Country ??? Last but not least, is a very interesting blog that is right in the thick of it - Israel / Lebanon. There are also links to 19 newspapers. Well worth having a look. I think from memory, I have listed the blog before.