Sunday, July 30, 2006

# 500 - # 509

#500. There is a blogger out there in the blogworld whose blog address I had made a note of to list here, you think I can find it again ??? Not on your nelly, so I'll keep looking as he is a "old blogger" in terms of time, not age. It is someone you could ask questions of - whether he will reply to your question/s is another matter.

I found him, I found him !!! His name is ..........??? His blogger profile number is..........??? He has been on blogger since ...........??? He has had ........profile views ???
I'll be back sometime over the next week, to fill in the "blanks" of the blogger !!! Clues ??? You want clues ??? What's it worth ??? One clue - he has had over 100,000 profile views !!! I kid you not.

I have been told by a couple of people that you times profile views by 10 to get normal views. Figures I have been given by other people have said you times it by anything up to 50 !!! So who is right I don't know, as I don't have a "normal counter" on any of my blogs - only the profile counter.

My details - for what they are worth are pale by comparrison to his, believe me -
My name - Kelvin Yorke.
Profile Number - 9098295
Number of Profile Views - 14822
On Blogger Since - Black Friday 13th May, 2005.

#501. NEW - Mike Lynch Cartoons Country - USA. If you are like me and thought a cartoon is just a cartoon, have a look at this blog - there's more to cartoons, than you think !!!

#502. NEW- On Tour Country - UK. Great selection of photos.

#503. NEW- The Calico Cat Country - USA. It wasn't the name of the blog that struck me, but the post of Saturday 29th about a "date" who paid all the bill but then futher down the track, demanded payment of "half" seen as the date didn't work out !!! The cheek of some males !!! On the brighter side there are some great photos from Melbourne, Australia.

#504. NEW- Bonnie Quilts & Reads Country - USA. The name says it all. One for the ladies and any males out there, who are into quilting.

#505. NEW- Spluch !!! Country - USA. Intersting selection of photos & posts.

#506. NEW - Kates Book Blog Country - Canada. The name says it all - books, books & more books. Don't blame me, if you fall off to sleep while you are reading.

#507. NEW - Adventures Of A Transplanted Biologist Country - USA. If you ever wanted to get up close to a lot of interesting creatures, including seahorses, now is your chance. Just don't put your nose to close to the computer screen - you never know, what is lurking !!!

#508.NEW - B & M Travels In Canada Country - You have it and some great photos as well !!!

#509. American Girl In Italy Country - You have it and some really great posts as well, including knitting.

To Everyone - When you have a look at the blogs, don't forget to have a look in the archives as well, plus - most important - don't forget to leave a comment. Comments are what makes the blog world go around. You don't have to tell them "Krazy Kelvin" sent you !!!