Sunday, August 13, 2006

# 490 - # 499

#490. Before you say anything about a NZ photo been on this blog instead of on my NZ Blog..........I'll get in first !!! This is a photo from the 1993 movie of "The Piano" which was filmed on Karekare Beach on the west coast, here in Auckland, not far from where I sit. The 2 actors in the photo are Holly Hunter & Anna Paquin. In a roundabout way, I received a email from a lady who saw one of my comments on someone else's blog. So........I thought I would have a look at her blog and this was the first post that popped up. Nothing strange in that, you might say, but..........I could not understand her language because her blog is called El Fabuloso Destino De La Sentorita P and she is from the west coast............of the world, in Chile !!!
I wouldn't tell you a lie and lead you up the garden path, would I ??? Maybe I would, but I wouldn't hold your hand, because I don't know if it's clean or where it's been !!! (hehe)

#491. Still Gruntled Country - USA. Random thoughts from one of the world's most opinionated people and........some great photos !!!

#492. Fabella's Scrap-Blog. Country - ??? A blog worthy of mention, even if I cannot understand the language. She has done wonders with scrap-booking photos, etc. One picture is worth 1000 words !!!

#493. Histoires du Nord Country - France. Given time, I am going to have to learn other languages, but in the meantime the photos on this blog, speak for themselves, so I don't need to know the words. Some lean more towards been art, which is great !!!

#494. Art Painting Country - Portugal. One of those blogs worthy of a mention, even if I cannot understand the language, as the art work is great !!!

#495. Wombat's Waffles Country - Australia. A near neighbour, across the ditch. Strange name for a blog, but great reading. I don't think he harmed any real "wombats" in the making of his waffles !!! I left him with a joke - why do you never go into a bar, when there's a wombat in there ? Anyone know ?

#496. Drunk And Scruffy Country - USA. A few video's to watch as well as interesting posts to read, including the story behind this "baby badge" that officials in Toyko are handing out to women who are pregnant, to wear when they travel on the trains. Given time, maybe it will catch on in other countries as well. Who knows ???

#497. The Sunday Morning Hangover Country - USA. I found his "old postcards" blog, which I listed under my blog - Cards To Send Your Friends and left a comment for him. I received an email back from him, asking if I could mention his main blog, so here it is..........!!! Interesting reading, but nothing really do with the "hangover" after a hard night !!! Maybe he could put the "cats" on his radio show !!!

#498. Christus Vincit Country - USA. (Friday August 11th Post for the cats) A catholic blog with some interesting reading. Plus a family of musical cats, including this one - The Stevie Wonder Cat. Put on some music, your headphones and nod your head along with the cats - The House Cat; The Hip Hop Cat; The Metal Cats; The Stoner Rock Cat; The iCat & my favourite........The Techno Cat.

#499. Chinatown Gentrification Watch Country - USA. Documenting and fighting the gentrification and displacement of tenants, street vendors and youth in New York city's Chinatown. They currently have comments restricted to team members only. I have been able to contact one of their team members, so maybe you could if you wanted leave a comment on this blog for them in the meantime.