Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mystery Blogger # 500 is........The # 1 Blogger In The World !!!

Kia Ora (Hello), Thank you for your all emails, but I can say without a word of a lie, that no one got within a bulls roar of guessing who the mystery blogger is.

I sent him an email to which he sent a reply, but he didn't say I could mention his blogs but nor did he say I couldn't, so what can I say.................

I said - he is "old" as far as blogging goes
He started his first blog in 1999

but young in age
He is 34

I said - He has more than 3 blogs.
He in fact has 9 blogs

I said - His profile number is lowwwww
It doesn't matter what your profile number is, his is lower !!!

I said - His profile views are high !!!
Timelog: 12.01am 5th August, 2006 - his profile views are 146,676 !!!

I said he is not a famous movie or popstar.

So, without any futher delays.............. what's it worth ???

It has to be worth something, anything !!! (hehe)

Here is he folks............the man behind the #1 blog

I have listed him on............. Around The World In 80 Blogs

I have given him the "Goldspot" - The number one blogger in the world !!!

Its Not The Memories I Have, It's The Memories I Leave Behind