Sunday, November 26, 2006

# 390 - # 399 - Completed

#390. Burties Abroad Country - ??? But on holiday with some great photos - click to enlarge them and you just about feel you are there as well.

#391. Amor a Arte Country - ??? A real crafty blog where the photos tell the tales, only because I cannot understand the language.

#392. Aerosolworld Country - ??? Young people & their art, using areosol cans. Some people would call it tagging, but there is a big difference between the two.

#393. BETHARTE Country ??? Another crafty blog, where the photos speak for themselves.

#394. Backroad Chronicles Country - USA. Their words - "Joy and Phil discussed and researched the lifestyle. They worked together for nearly five years in preparation for their dream of full time RV living. Phil retired in June 2004; they moved into the perfect motorhome; held the last garage sale; sold the vehicles, boat and house; bought the Ford Ranger; crossed off what seemed like thousands of to-dos on the lists and at last, the day of departure arrived. Welcome to our weblog and let the adventure begin!"

#395 ~Flora's Meadow~ Country USA.
Her words - "Sharing a bit about my life and the things I love. Photos from the gardens, meadow and forest, along with projects inside Wildflower Cabin".

#396. New Ways Of Looking At Old Stuff Country - USA. An interesting blog to read, with a lot of old stuff !!!

#397. My Little Corner Of The World Country - USA. Take a walk on the wild side............well, to me that's what it seems like as you wander around this bloggers backyard, but I didn't see any possum's - I did see a cat !!! Great photos.

#398. El Observador Aeronautico Country - Chile. When you fly.......... you fly !!! I could not understand the language, but with all the photo's of planes & more planes you will be flying high in no time - that is if you are into planes.

#399. Smilas World Country - Germany. Two very crafty blogs !!! Again, I could not understand the language, but the photos speak for themselves.