Sunday, December 10, 2006

# 380 - # 389 Completed 6th December

#380. Walking Prescott Country - USA. Her words - "All about the flavor of a small Arizona city and the surrounding outback: neighborhood surprises...wildflowers and nature...the forest...people and occasional comments on science fiction, music, and the Great Wide World Beyond"

#381. Cave News !!! Country - USA. A lot of interesting reading & some great photos. He also had a problem changing over to his old old to Blogger-Beta and lost the lot !!!

#382. Lazy knitting for the masses Country - USA. Her words - "Some call it lazy, I prefer the term "relaxed."

Footnote - She left a comment so I had another look at her blog/profile. She belongs to a blogger/crafts group, etc, so I started counting the number of links there are in the group by using my fingers, then I took my shoes & socks off, but I was still way short of anyway near the number of links. There would have to be hundred's !!! Have a look at her profile.

#383. MUSEO DEL CARMEN DE MAIPÚ Country - Chile. I could not understand the language, but the museum photos speak for themselves.

#384.Trailer Trip Country - USA. Okay, folks hold on to your seats because you are off on a ride which may never end. Don't blame me though if you get travel sickness, because this blog is one of.........wait for it........47 blogs !!! Have a look at Trailer Trip and then..........??? I have had a look at 2 or 3 but when I get a chance, I'll travel back and have another look.

#385. Goldendaze-ginnie Country - USA. Her words - "Serene 70+ senior looking to exchange insightful ideas & fond remembrances"

#386. Happy Thoughts Country - USA. Her words - "Everyday I write about things that I perceive as beautiful. They can make me or someone else happy. They can be relaxing, make me laugh or make me feel good about myself or someone else. They can be memories or they can be pictures. Or they can just make me think. I have to give credit to Clare from Three Beautiful Things for helping me look at the world differently".

#387. Bringing Hope to Cambodia Her words - "Stitches of Hope, is the heart beat of one woman’s dream to help people less fortunate than herself. Putting craft and sewing skills into the lives of underprivileged men, women and children in Cambodia, Kay Eva is a wife and mother of three adult children and also Grandmother of two".

#388. Kamran (^_^) Country - Iran. Could not understand the language but a lot of interesting photos, including the old chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

#389. Sarah & Ibrahahin Country - ??? I could not understand the language, but I was blown away by the time & effort that thay must of put into their blog to get it looking the way it is. Also listed on the side-bar are a lot of links of other blogs - I had a look at a couple and they look great as well. Babies & more babies.

Footnote: Comment received - "Hi Kelvin, thanks for visiting our blog, I'm the mother of the twins Sarah and Ibrahim the stars of the blog, the language is portuguese from Brazil. I liked your blog very much, it's very interesting. thanks for #389 21 21 21 the best. best regards. Edila"