Wednesday, December 27, 2006

# 340 - # 355

kia hari te tau hou !!!


Kia Ora (Hello), Well, bloggers.......the following blogs should keep you going until I return, so I will see you when the world rolls around to 2007. Hopefully, I'll stll have my two feet on mother earth and not in Heaven !!!
It's 11.28am Wed.27th and there's a song playing on the radio station at the present time in a foreign language, which sounds like some sort of farewell song !!! Strange that it is playing just as I finsih off the posts on this blog. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Arohanui ! Kakite !

#340. Women in Progress Country - Ghana. Their words - "Tiffany and Amanda will be traveling to Ghana, West Africa to volunteer for the organization Women in Progress, which supports the development of micro and small woman owned enterprises. This is an account of their journeys".

#341. Kalalau's Korner Country - Hawaii. His words - "Kalalau's Korner invites you to embark on your journey into the world according to Carl Schroeder. There is always an argument to be made when we talk about American Sign Language (ASL) as our form of speech. The use of ASL is first and foremost about the truth about our inalienable right, our raison d'etre, our right to be Deaf. This V-BlogAZINE, Kalalau's Korner, is also about Carl's form of entertainment". (Yes - I know it's a State of the USA!!!)

#342. Keep The Coffee Coming Country - USA.Her words - "The ramblings of a more than middle-aged baby boomer looking at the world with increasingly blurred eyes and wrinkled features". (I would never say a woman has "wrinkled features", even to Granny Smith - she would throw the nearest thing to hand at me, which knowing her, would be her wooden rolling pin, as she seems to spend a lot of time in her kitchen - baking. I wouldn't mind if she threw it though, so as long it was followed by some of her baking. It wouldn't matter if I had to pick it off the floor - a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone !!! Hehe)

#343. Visual St.Paul Country - USA. A diamond in the rough........out there in the "rough" blogging world as you know are millions & millions of blogs. This one shines thru like a diamond, with really great photos.

#344. Energy Healing Country - USA. His words - "I have been into the body,mind,spirit connection for over twenty years. Just started to get into formal education for Healing Touch and Reiki".

#345. Indien Country - India. Great selection of photos, which shows life as it is in India.

#346. My World Country - Sweden. Another blog with a great selcetion of photos, plus she's a crafty lady into her scrapbooking & cards, etc.

#347. roundtheworldmickeyforde His words - "Trip encompassing travel through Thailand, australia, New Zealand ans then if I have the dough to fiji, hawaii and the US".

#348. Hanging in there Country - USA. A lot of great reading & great photos. (Click on photos to enlarge)

#349. EscalaTudo Country - Portugal. Great photos of rafting & caving.

#350. Life With Triplets Country - USA. The name of the blog says it all !!!

#351. Start Each Day With a SMILE... Country - USA. A great blog of a loving couple with great photos. You can see the enjoyment in their "eyes" !!! (I couldn't see anywhere to leave a comment or an email address)

#352. My Journey of Motherhood in a Jeep Country - USA. Another great family blog with great photos.

#353. Lily's Wai Sek Hong Country - USA Recipes, recipes & more recipes. I should of listed it under the "foodie blog", but............

#354. Very Itchy Feet Travel Journal / Bitacora de Viajes Country - Travelling !!!

#355. NYC TAXI SHOTS Country - USA. What a cabbie in & around New York sees from the drivers seat & more !!!