Monday, January 15, 2007

# 330 - # 339 Completed 15th January

#330. Evan's Travels Country - Antarctic. You may have all heard of Woodstock, but have you heard of Icestock ? A lot of interesting photos.

#331. Aggieland Rail Scene Country - USA. If riding trains are your thing, then climb aboard - no ticket needed. Well not today anyway. Maybe tomorrow.

#332. My World Country - USA. His words - "I'm a Franciscan Friar and a transitional deacon. I'm presently stationed at a parish and I'm loving every moment of it. There is so much to do and everyday it brings you surprises".

#333. Go With The Kempers Country - Costa Rica. A lot of great photos.

#334. Polvoron de Limon Country - USA. A very crafty lady - interesting reading.

#335. Louca por Croche Country - Brazil. Another crafty lady but could not understand the language.

#336. Knitteroo Country - Canada. Her words - Miss Muffys' adventures in Yarn-land.

#337. Pitchoun En Bent Country - France. I could not understand the language but the bike photos, speak for themselves.

#338. Who Country - ? Could not understand the language but again, the photos speak for themselves.

#339. Jo In El Salvador Country - Travelling. As they say - last but not least. Some really great photos.