Monday, December 18, 2006

# 370 - # 379 Completed 18th December

#370. Updates From El Salvador

#371. Missions Beyond Borders His words - "Blog about the stories and missions updates of a missionary family working in the borders of the two nations within the Greater Mekong Sub-Region... they are there to witness about the grace of God, to share the love of Christ to the lost... all for the glory of God"

#372. Joe and Laura's big trip Their words - "We quit reasonably well paid jobs in London to go on an around the world 'uber-honeymoon' from October 06 to July 07. Trip includes: India, S.E. Asia, Australia, NZ, and S. America. These are postings from our trip".

#373. something that won't compute Country - USA. Her words - "We are a family of three living and learning on 2.75 acres in central Alabama, where we raise chickens and dairy goats and tend our kitchen garden. Our goal is to live simply, sustainably, and joyfully each day".

#374. Indigo Blah From Britain now living in Cyprus. Her words - "Paint, paper, yarn, altered-art, obsessions of an artist and crafter. Thanks for looking".

#375. ygblog Country - Singapore. An interesting foodie blog with one dish called "Frog Porridge" !!!

#376. appunti patch Country ??? Could not understand the language but the photo's are very crafty.

#377. Have Fork Will Travel Country - UK. The random ramblings of a self confessed foodie diva gathering all tasty morsels of food related trivia and regurgitating them for your delectation. Less of a weblog more of a grublog! Bon appetit!

#378. Stranded on Fair Isle Country - USA. Another very crafty blog - Fair Isle is of course......

#379. Voyage Sans Frontieres Country - USA. Great selection of photos.