Sunday, July 01, 2007

# 290 - # 299 - Finally !!!

#290 Buckles Blog Country - USA Oopp's.....lost the link !!! Send me an email Buckle and I'll link it back up.
Everyone loves a clown !!! A really great selection of circus photos. Reminds me of the time I went to the circus and had a drink of Brandy !!!

#291 Thijs op reis.. Country - On The Road His words - "Na 6 maanden reizen word het ook tijd voor een nieuwe site...Deel 2..Thijs op reis!"
I could not under his language, but the photos are great. He also mentioned NZ.

#292. Fefe's Blog Country - Israel. Her words - "I am a french expatriate working in the high tech industry in Haifa, Israel. Here you'll be reading about travels, photos, middle-east politics, high tech industry, cooking, extreme sports, mmorpgs and more..."

#293. Norwegian Country - Norway. A great selection of photos.

#294. Cuanto mas se, mas grande veo mi ignorancia Country - ??? I cannot understand the language, but the photos are interesting.

#295. The Integral Country - ???
His words - "The place where Life is the curve integrated over various elements that we see in and around us." Currently travelling in Korea. A lot of interesting photos.

#296. Snapshots Country - India. A great selection of photos.

#297. Olhares da Natureza Country - Portugal. I cannot understand the language, but I know it has something to do with nature & some great photos. Just don't ask me what the two insects are doing !!!

#298. My life through a mobile Country - Denmark. Her words - "My life as it is seen through my Sony Ericsson w850i". Those are the only words I could understand but the photos speak for themselves.

#299 Quilting Chatter Country - USA. It has been sometime since I have found a blog from a lovely lady who is into quilting.