Sunday, May 06, 2007

# 300 - # 309

Kia Ora (Hello) Finally some new blogs for you all to read. I can't believe that it has been nearly two months since I last added to this blog. I keyed into Google - Great Blogs To Read - just to see mind you how this blog stood in the blogging world. It's not #1 but #8, out of 169,000,000 which suits me fine. I'm going to work on it and see if I can't push it to #1. A little bit of catching up to do with listing blogs on the side-bar, but given time I'll get there. Take care all !!!

Krazy Kelvin

#300. Plichta Travels Country - USA. Their words "The adventures of Frank and Sharon as we test the camping life style. Our travels are reported here for your entertainment and to share our discoveries on the road. Enjoy"

#301. Pacific Coast Railroad Co. Narrow-Gauge Steam Trains at the Santa Margarita Ranch. For anyone who is into trains, this will get you on track.

#302. Peregrinos Seniors Country - ??? I cannot understand the language, except for the word "senior" which we all know what it stands for. There are a lot of shall we say interesting photos.

#303. Jocul cu lumina Country - ? Their words - "We don`t see things as they are, we see them as we are" (A great selection of photos)

#304. Catholic Architecture and History of Toledo, Ohio Country - USA. His words - "A celebration of the ecclesiastical architecture, art, and history of the Diocese of Toledo".
An interesting blog with a lot of links.

#305. Quatre mois à Hong Kong Country - Hong Kong. I cannot understand the language, but the great selection of photos speak for themselves.

#306 Choachibata Country - Portugal. Another blog where I cannot understand the language, but some great photos.

#307. Hilsen fra Bjørg i Namibia Country - Namibia. A day of finding blogs where I cannot understand the language but where the photos speak for themselves.

#308. MA PASSION : LE SCRAP Country - France. Here we go again - another blog where I cannot understand the language but I know that her passion is scrapbooking. Maybe those who can understand the language will be able to swap ideas, etc.

#309. Hot Milk Country - Australia. At last a blog where I can understand the language, but one which males will be scratching their head as to why I have included it. It's not hot milk you put on your breakfast cereal nor hot milk, you sip late at night before you turn in, but a blog to do with the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s largest ever National Conference.