Sunday, October 02, 2005


I'm back........

Kia Ora Everyone,
July / August / September !!! Check out all the blogs listed, even those listed back in July, as most of the people behind the blogs, keep their blogs updated at least once a week, if not more often. Their are greater things to come yet, with more & more blogs, so keep coming back. Don't forget though that within the blogs listed are more links to other blogs & so on & so on.................!!!

There is a really great blog done a 14 year old and I mean great. I have sent him an email asking him if I can list his blog on this blog, but I haven't heard back from him yet. Last time I checked his blog, he was on holiday in France. His surname is one you would know, if you owned a certain make of vehicle. Whether he is related in any way, to the person of the same name, I don't know.

I promised (with fingers & toes crossed) that I would list at least 6 "new blogs" each & every Saturday, before 12 noon !!! Keep me at my word - leave a comment if I don't.

Here is 6 blogs to start with..............

#839 >A Tribute To The Late Peter Jennings. This blog is a lasting tribute to Peter Jennings,ABC news anchorman who died of lung cancer.

#840 Oldster Country - USA. This blogger is old(er) than any of the bloggers, I have come across so far. How old ? About as old as those magazines I mentioned in
my blog of "the blast from the past" - #849. Our dog, Toby who enrolled but never voted, even gets a mention in this blog, so check it out.

#841 Meads Family Habitat Country - USA. Interesting photos & synaptic responses from a retired biology professor.

#842 Reading Anyone ? Country - USA. This is the blogging home of the Published Authors Special Interest Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

#843 Huey & Milk. Country - Hong Kong. I could not understand the language, but I could certainly understand the photos. If you use the old saying of "one photo is worth a thousand words", then this blog would have thousands & thousnads of words. To start with is the blog about her cats - "Huey & Milk", then within under her profile are another 4 blogs - one of which is her wedding photos. It really shows another culture at its best.

(9th October - The Illusionist !!! I have taken this blog out and replaced it with the above)

#844 College Football/Gridiron Country - USA.