Sunday, October 09, 2005

6 Great Blogs/Websites for Readers of Romance

Kia Ora Everyone,
I am a day late with this weeks "6 great blogs/websites", which are mainly for readers of romance - sorry guys. Next week, I will try and list 6 blogs which everyone will enjoy.

Check out
#843 as I have replaced the blog I had previously listed.

First Time Male Author Country - Barbados. Yes - males can write romance novels.

#834 Another male author - you will be darrious, when you check out his website.

#835 Breakfast Bitches. Their words, not mind - that is the name of their blog.

Smart Bitches. who love trashy books. This has a lot of links to Romance writing members.

#837 For want-to-be authors To educate new, almost there and published erotic romance writers by offering a safe place to exchange resources, craft advice and industry news.

#838 Romance at its best !!! #832 is the "Editor-In-Chief" of this site