Saturday, October 15, 2005

# 827 # 832 More Great Blogs

Kia Ora,
Some more great blogs/websites for you to check out. Once I get a chance, I will go back over the blogs and put "Updated" and the date they were last updated. That way when you log on and look back over the "blogs" you will know which blogs have been updated without having to click on to them. I know that most of the blogs I listed earlier, including those I listed back in July have been updated on a regular basis.

#827. A Family's Tribute To USA A great "family" blog with a lot of photos,including some taken in Iraq.

#828. Canadian Animal Assistance Team in Louisiana taking care of animals after Hurricane Katrina.

#829. Sprint Car Madness !!! A great site for "sprint car" lovers, because if you click on links you will find links to about 30 other sites in USA; Canada; Australia and ??? Guess where ? Our own Bay Park.

#830 Great Photos !!!
--- & More Great Photos Country - Malaysia. There are not many photos yet, but these two blogs could turn out to be really great.

#831. Praise Her In The Gates !!! A great Homemaking & Homeloving Blog, including some great recipes, even for the guys to try.

#832 "Don't Worry - Be Happy". Country: Singapore. "The man who accepts others as they are is at peace with himself and the world around him. The man who sees the good in others is able to forgive his own mistakes as well as others. The man who cares for others is the man who is admired & appreciated by those who know him".