Wednesday, November 16, 2005

# 790 - # 794

Kia Ora Everyone,
I have been searching the "blog world" yet again to find great blogs, just so you won't have to waste your precious time, searching !!! Aren't I a good friend to you, or what ??? Please leave a comment!!! If you have a "Blog" you are more than welcome to email me with your blog address, if you want me to have a look at your blog and "maybe" list it on here - if you're lucky and if you pay me !!! (hehe) Also, if there is any "particular subject/s that interest you, which I haven't listed as yer, send me an email and let me know. While I am searching the "blog world", I will keep an "eye out for you" !!!

# 790. "Furry & Cute Creatures !!! Country - USA. If you like "furry" - I'm talking about 4 legged furry creatures, not the "furry mould', growing in your fridge, you will like this blog.

# 791. Mountaineering !!! Country - Swizterland. It was only by chance, that I came across this blog. Most of the blog, is in language I could not understand but under Tuesday 15th November, there is a link to another site about challenging the wall of death - "The Legend of The Eiger" !!! Any one into mountain climbing will like this blog. Don't forget to dress warm, as it will send shivers up your spine !!!

#792. For The Entrepreneur In All Of Us !!! Country - Singapore. Although this blog is based in Singapore, there is a lot of interesting info within, so check it out as no matter what country you live in, there is a liitle entrepreneur in all of us.

# 793. Great Photos Country - Singapore. A soldier talks about army life, today. He also mentions getting up to 70km driving - 70 km !!! I left him a comment, which he will either delete or he will laugh at, so be quick & pay a visit.

#794. German Prison Buildings & Ruins - Country - Germany. My intentions are not too upset anyone by listing this blog on here, which has photos of Auswitch, etc. so please forgive me if you are upset. There are a lot of people who would of only read about or been taught about what they see in these photos.