Friday, January 06, 2006

# 720 - # 789 DECEMBER & JANUARY POSTS !!!

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,
Good News & Bad News !!!

"Bad News" is I have managed to some how or other DELETE all December & January posts of the great blogs I listed. I did not keep a backup or print off a list of the blogs. Don't ask me how I did it, because I don't know myself, but.............

"Good News" is I will re-list as many blogs as I can, that I listed in the past but there are going to be a few I will miss. So, I need to pick your brains - if you think your blog was one of those listed between # 720 - # 789, please email me with your blog address and I will have a look. Hopefully when I have a look it will jog my memory and I'll relist your blog. They won't be re-listed with the same number of course but they will be re-listed.

What can I say - you pay someone peanuts & you get monkeys !!! (hehe) You have to laugh though, even if it isn't all that funny.