Saturday, March 04, 2006

# 649 - # 719 - 2 New Listings - Friday 3rd March

New Zealand Websites & Blogs Here !!! Updated - 3rd March with 6 new listings.

That Other Krazy Person's Blog !!! Updated 3rd March with 2 new listings. One was going to be # 674 on this blog, but .............!!! There is also a blog - The Beauty of Men of Colour - one for the ladies ???
FOOTNOTE: March 4th - I found another blog with some big ??? so I have listed it now. I didn't want to write it down, in case I forgot all about it. There are other pictures which will put asmile on your dial - just make sure you don't fall out of your rocker in laughter, because I aren't paying for any hospital bills !!!

Blogs listed as - "NEW" - this is the first time, I have listed these blogs.
"RE-LISTED" - Blogs I have listed before, which I felt were worth lisitng again, or blogs which were from # 720 thru to # 789, for which I lost the links. (If you think I listed your blog in the past, which may of been within these numbers, send an email - with your blogspot address and I will have a look at your blog. I sort of remember most of them)

Updated - Friday 3rd March 2006

# 649 NEW - ?????? Country - USA. Okay - hands up all those friends who thought I was krazy as I built up my blogs to 10 !!! Come on, I can't see any hands from where I am sitting !!! Because this lady has 11 blogs. I listed this one because you will no doubt get a few laughs out of it. If you don't - go back to sleep !!! Check under her "view my complete profile" for her other blogs.

# 650. Relisted - Dov's Country - Israel. "See Israel through the eyes of Dov" one of the 63 students from USA in Israel - its a totally different story, than what you read in the papers.

Updated - Friday February 17th 2006

# 651. NEW - Crock Pot Recipes Country - ??? Easy peasy recipes especially for a blogger who can't cook to save himself !!!

# 652. NEW - Great Photos !!! Country - ??? Another blog where I cannot understand the language, but where I love all the photos and so will you.

# 653. NEW - Interesting Reading Country - USA. Lots of Bells & Whistles, plus a "lot" of links" !!! Great Blog.

# 654. NEW - Winter Olympics !!! Country - Italy.

# 655. NEW - The Game Called - "GO" !!! Country - USA. I had never ever heard of the game, until I came across this blog !!! Everything you want or need to know & More !!!

# 656. NEW - Great Photos !!! Country - UK

# 657. NEW - Great Photos !!! Country - Singapore. There is a total of 5 blogs, including a "body building" blog and he is passionate about a lot of things !!!

#658. NEW -
Snow In NY !!! Country - USA. Great photos of "snow" in New York plus other great photos !!!

# 659. NEW - New Kiwi !!! Country - USA. The first time in 30 years that a "kiwi" has been born at the Washington National Zoo, plus other great photos, etc.

Updated - Friday Febuary 10th 2006

# 660. NEW - Great Photos Country - ??? Interesting posts/facts about life !!! Just found out he has a second blog "Interesting Reading" !!! But been white on black, some of it is hard to read especially for old(er) people.

# 661. NEW - Four Tourists !!! Country - Marocco. Little windows to the world - everyday life in Marocco. Very very interesting.

# 662. NEW - Dogs - Stand Up For Your Rights !!! Country - USA. "Poor dog in jeans" !!! His owner does have some great "London photos" though so they are forgiven (hehe) Clip on the photos for a larger photo.

# 663. RELISTED - Twice The Man Country - USA. I may have mention this blog once or twice before, but I feel that it is worth mentioning again as he is on a journey to lose weight and deserves all the support from friends. In fact anyone out there that is out to lose weight, I hope your friends are behind you and offering support.

Footnote: One of the "posts" on the above blog is of a man "Peter Loiselle" (there is also a link to Peter's story) who weighed 763 lbs. He lost 500 lbs over 3 years.

# 664. NEW - Lucas Travels The Globe !!! Country: "On The Road". Lucas is originally from Paris and is travelling the world. I have offered to "host" Lucas if he ever gets to visit down under in New Zealand. "I sure I could find him a paddock to put him out to pasture" !!!

#665. NEW - A Great Travel Journey Country - "On The Road" !!! Great photos.

# 666. NEW - Lots To Read !!! Country - USA. "An old head on young shoulders" !!! Is this "boy" really gifted or what ??? I think he is but I'll let you make up your mind.

# 667. NEW - Explore The Skies !!! Country - Germany. This blog belongs to a co-pilot, so you go up in the air and come back to earth. Some great "behind the scenes" shots, which the normal Joe Public doesn't get to see. The language is mainly german, with a bit of english but great photos everyone can enjoy.

#668. NEW - Travel, Food, Cooking & Baking !!! Country - Japan. She makes her posts so interesting, it makes you want to "eat" them. Really great photos as well.

# 669. NEW - Carol's Cross-stitch Blog Country - USA. A crafty blog for those into cross-stitch.

Updated - Friday February 3rd 2006

#670. RE-LISTED - The Veiw From Down The Road Country - USA. Who ever said, that each year as men grow old(er) they lose a little bit of everything has never met this man. His "posts" are very interesting to read, plus there are some great photos.

Footnote: This man certainly doesn't let the grass grow under his feet. At 8.26, I left a comment on his post about the "ambulance bike" and continued to surf the blog world. At 8.43, his blog popped up again and in that short time, he had done 3 more "posts". One of them was a about vintage cars and some very nice looking birds in a country called - New Zealand !!!

He left a comment on "All Comments Here Please" which said - "One of the best things about a blog, is the contact with people from around the world" !!! So true - there are no barriers. We are all only as far away as our computers.

#671. NEW - Coffee Anyone ??? Country - Indonesia. Last week, I included a "great blog" for "Tea" drinkers and guess what ??? Coffee drinkers complained and said tea was for wimps !!! So to all those "coffee drinkers" out who complained (I won't mention any names) here's your "coffee" - I hope you ............!!! One of the coffees at $175 a pound (no currency is mentioned) would suit those who complained "right down to the ground", especially after they have seen where it's been before it hit the ground - real "ground" coffee !!! Read the January 24th "post". Also read the January 9th "post" as well - "Tales From a World Coffee Judge" - in fact the "head coffee judge" who judged the barista coffee awards in a country called New Zealand !!! After the awards, he flew to Australia where he got stuck in the airport for 2 days, waiting for a plane !!! Should of stayed in New Zealand !!!

#672. NEW - All Fat Latte !!! Country - Hawaii. Just so those coffee drinkers can't complain ever again, I have included this blog for them as well. If they still dare to complain, I'll tell them to put their coffee cup, "where the sun don't shine" !!! (hehe) Actually, I didn't see much coffee apart from the "coffee cup", but if you click the word "ho-ho" under the post of 28th of November, you will get "Hostess Cup Cakes" to go with your coffee. There is also a link on the Dec.6th "post" fo beer drinkers to click on to. And, and it doesn't end there - there's $12 bottles of wine as well, if you click on to #10 - Random Fun - and watch the video clip. In fact while you are sitting there with your tea, coffee, beer or wine, watch all 12 video clips. Just make sure you don't have a moutful of liquid, when you hear the punch-line for the #10 video clip, because I certainly aren't paying for any "cleaning bills" !!!

#673. NEW This Site Took Me Back Country - USA. A blog where you can watch a video, read the posts, have a look at photos Pacman !!! I kid you not. This site took me back a few years, I can tell you. How many years ??? Thats for me to know & you to find out !!!

#674. NEW - "Celebrities" !!! Country - USA. This site may take you back a few years as well and make you feel much older than you really are !!! Having had another look at it, I have broken the link and will create a link to another "blog" and then you can have a look at the "celebrities" on there. Been celebrities of course, some of the photos have a "few less clothes" than normal !!!

Footnote: I will try & get the link set up by 12 midnight Saturday.

#675. NEW - "The Horn" Country - USA. An old "salt dog" who when his time comes, will sail off into the sunset to be the "captain of the seas" and leave all those that have taken the time to read his blog, with a greater "knowledge" of life, so that we too can pass it on. At 91 years young, he has a lot of knowledge to share with us all. His "posts" are well worth reading.Thank you Don !!!

#676 Great Photos Country - Spain. I cannot understand the language, but I certainly understand the great selection of photos, which include - Notre Dame; The Louvre & The Eiffel Tower.

#677. Lots of Bells & Whistles. Country - Germany. This blog has so many bells & whistles, that you just about need a license to "drive it"!!! (hehe) But with the mix of languages - Filipino; Germany & English plus all the bells & whistles, etc it has made it a really great blog. I had a quick in the archives, so should you - especially the 25th Dec "post" of 2 great Harleys - one for males & one for females !!!

Updated - Friday January 27th 2006

New York !!! Country - USA. Sometimes it is strange what you find out there in the blog world. This blog had a couple of posts of posters, seen on phone booths in New York ?
Posters of a couple of really great "tourist spots" !!! (Friday 27th post)

#679.NEW Another Crafty Blog Country - Turkey. Sorry guys, but I had to mention this crafty blog as it is really great. I'll make it up to you, next time around. The posts have a mixture of english & Turkish, which makes it a little more interesting. The thing that caught my eye was "21 yesterday, 21 today, 21 tomorrow" in the profile of her blog which she started in October. 05.

#680.NEW Rally Cars !!! Country - Argentina. Need I say more !!!

#681.NEW A Different Culture. Country - Australia. Even though the owner of this blog ia Australian based, the photos he has posted are of a totally different culture to our culture in NZ & our cousins across the ditch, in Australia. His number of profile views from May '04., is 181. The photos are really great, so have a look.

#682.NEW Great Photos. Country - Vietnam. Flowers & Food !!! Need I say more ? Well, click on the photos for a larger image.

# 683.NEW Anthony's Kitchen !!! Country - India. Once a bachelor, always a bachelor ? Can a bachelor learn to cook ? He can, if he reads this great recipe blog. I may even try some of the recipes, as I can not cook to save myself - thats why I eat out most of the time.

Updated - Wednesday January 25th 2006

It seems hard to believe that it has been over 2 weeks since I added "great blogs" to this blog. It seems like only yesterday !!! Anyway not to worry, here's some more - enjoy. I'll be back Friday with more.

Three blogs of interest to "knitters" !!! (Male or female !!!)

# 684. NEW "Knit 1" !!! Country - United Kingdom. I am male as you well know and not a "knitter", but even I found this blog & the 2 other blogs interesting reading. May be I'll take up knitting !!! Krazy ???

# 685. NEW The Family That Knits Together !!! Country - USA. I am talking about about "knitting families", of which there seem to be quite a few out there in the blog world. Its a wonderful past-time and as with anything "home-made" for gift giving - "it's a gift from the heart" !!!

# 686. NEW "Purl 1" !!! Country - USA. Another great knitting blog !!! Is that how it goes - knit 1 / purl 1 ??? I can't remember but what I do remember is having to sit there, arms outstretched, while Mum wound the wool into skeins. (I think thats what it was called - I'm getting old(er) - memory blockage) / Krazy Kelvin

# 687. NEW "Biker Chick" Country - USA. I have seen a lot of "chicks" over the years, but this biker chick in her leathers sitting on her bike, would have to be the best dressed chick in the world !!! Sorry guys, but I think she is spoken for - his name is Mr. R.O Oster!!!

# 688. NEW Anyone For A Cuppa ??? Country - Tawain. Who would of thought that from one little word - "tea" - could come so much. You had better make a yourself a cup of tea (or coffee) before you start, because once you start reading, you won't have time for a cuppa. Look into the "tea leaves" !!!

Updated - January 8th 2006

# 689. NEW What Can I Say ??? Country - USA. Arthur has not one or two or even three blogs - he has 4 !!! This one has some really great photos & interesting posts to read, Enjoy !!!

#690. NEW Great Photos !!! Country - Switzerland. Talk about "rocky" - mountains that is !!! Plus more snow and other great photos. In the side bar is a link to Geneva Museum of Art & History with photos of some great paintings. A very interesting blog.

# 691. NEW Psychiatrist !!! Country - USA. Very interesting blog. When I had a look at this blog, it brought memories flooding back of my old school days, when I used to sit in class pretending to work, when all I was doing was looking at comic books - more for the pretty pictures, than the words. I have moved on since then from comic books..................??? But this blog had me looking at all the pretty pictures again, rather than reading the words. I wonder what the person whose blog this is, will make of all that !!! I won't tell him I'm krazy, if you won't - fair is fair. He wouldn't know who is krazier anyway - me or the krazy people reading my blogs. He has profile views of 826, since May 05, while my profile views currently sit at 6371, since May 05. Who is krazier ??? (hehe)

# 692. NEW Taste The Flavour. Country - Sri Lanka. This blog will make you feel as if you are "touring the country" - its that full of information.

# 693. NEW "Submarines" !!! Country - USA. If you have wonder about "subs" before, then wonder no more. This blog is out there or down there or what-ever way you want to put it. Hey, it interested me and it takes a lot to make me "spell-bound" and I don't even like "subs". Well that is not 100% true - I like the "subs" you can eat.

# 694.NEW Great Cookie Recipe !!! Country - USA. If there is anything I like, more than blogging even, is cookies !!! So it was the Montecao Cookies recipe (Post - Dec. 21st), that caught my eye, even before the really great pictures of......... ??? Interesting reading as well, of several topics.

# 695.NEW Great Photos !!! Country - Australia. Really great photos of God's creatures, big & small, including "humans"

# 696.NEW "Little Creatures & More" Country - ??? If you don't like creepy crawlers - ???Great photos of little insects. Just a suggestion - you may like to view this blog, first thing in the morning , not the last thing at night or you may not be able to sleep & you will feel those "bed bugs bite" !!! (hehe)

# 697.NEW My Life Story Country - USA. If you have never crack a smile - read this blog !!! But I warn you now - make sure you are "strapped in" as I don't want anyone falling out of their rocking chair. Great "one liner" ladies to throw at that pesky male, next time he slides up to you in that bar !!! And for the males - "theres some classic.................blonde jokes !!! Oh the blog belongs to a female.

# 698. Reserved !!! I have someones blog in mind, which I will list here shortly.
I have something in mine for #698 / #699 / # 700. I'll tell you about it soon.........!!!

# 699 RE-LISTED ?????? !!! This blog I mentioned eariler, but I lost the link, within a couple of days, but you can all relax now, no doubt with a beer in your hand. I didn't know what to call it - I was going to call it "weight lifting", as it seems that in just about every other photo they are "weight lifting" a glass or a can of beer !!! (hehe) When you are on a working holiday in the snow, what else is there to do, but count beer cans ???

January 6th.

# 700. NEW Cold Enough To Freeze The Balls Off Any Brass Monkey !!!
When someone complains to you about it been cold, tell them they have nothing to complain about !!! An email in from this young man at "Antarctica" says he has experienced "minus 20" farenheit without a wind chill. With a wind chill it has been known to get as cold as "minus 80" farenheit. Like I said - cold enough.................!!

"Sugar & Spice & Everything Ice !!! This blog belongs to # 700 as well. Both of your blogs, will go down in history Ian, because its not a place than every man & his dog will ever get to see. Good on you !!!

#701. NEW "Quotations" Country - USA. These will warm your heart when you read them, especially "The Holy Alphabet".

#702. NEW A Sweet Blog. Country - USA. This blog is so "sweet" that you will want to lick it !!! Its no good for those on a diet though, but you could share a sweet or two, or three. Just make sure that you throw the wrappings in the rubbish.

# 703. NEW A Crafty Blog. Country - Boreno.This is a great blog for anyone (man or woman) into "needlecrafts. Don't laugh, but there are men out there who are into needlecraft, but I don't think they will stand up & be counted and start a blog - or will they ??? Only time will tell.

#704. NEW Technical Tips !!! Country - USA. A great blog with technical tips, including how to make links to other blogs, etc.
Footnote: This will be handy for anyone who wants to make a link to my blogs or to anyones blog/s before that little "gremlin" looses them - again !!!

# 705. NEW Snowboarding !!! Country - USA. Some really great photos of snow, snowboarding lessons, auto shop photos,etc. But you had better hurry before the snow stops !!!

# 706. NEW Great Photos Country - France. If you like to travel, this blog is one of 20 different cities so far listed in a blog ring, all of which have great photos. Our neighbour across the ditch - "Sydney" is also listed, plus there are other links as well. Become a "tourist" and travel the world without leaving home. Don't dilly dally too long in one place or else they may ask you for your passport & visa.

#707. NEW 4 X 4 Country - Wales, UK. This blog will be of interest of anyone into "mud", offroad & 4x4. One photo shows you a 4x4 stuck between a rock & a hard place.

# 708. NEW The Raw & Living Foods Diet Country - USA. A great blog with a lot to read, incuding gourmet recipes & a lot of links to other blogs.

#709. NEW She's On A Diet. Country - USA. From chunky monkey to healthy monkey. Her words - not mine. Hey, she is making a real effort, which is really great, for her.

#710. RE-LISTED Twice The Man !!! Country - USA. One man who has stood up to be counted in his efforts to get his weight down. All those out there "thinking" about making an effort to loose weight - don't just think about it - do it !!!

#711. RE-LISTED Great Photos Country - Alaska. This blog has a lot of photos covering a wide variety of different topices, etc, etc.

# 712. RE-LISTED Great Photos. Country - Sweden. Great photos of the the Taj Mahal. There are also some funny photos so just make sure that you don't fall off your chair.

# 713. RE-LISTED Car Buff !!! Country - Norway. Click on the "highlighted" car names for photos of some great cars.

#714. RE-LISTED Great Photos. Country India. Included are photos of the aftermath of the tsunami which hit a number of islands, including Male, Maldives.

# 715. RE-LISTED Great Photos. Country - USA. Don't be fooled by the country, because having had another look through this great blog, there are photos from a number of countries, including the USA. . I was starting to feel like I was a tourist and I was waiting for someone to step up to me and ask me for my passport - thats how good they are, so don't over-stay your welcome !!! (hehe - krazy !!!)

#716. RE-LISTED Wrecks & More Wrecks. Country - USA. A blog which can only make you wonder how some of the accidents happen. At times like these you will need more than one mintie - you will need a couple of bags of them.

# 717. RE-LISTED Book Lovers !!! Country - Kuwait. If there was only one bookshelf of books, this blog would be it. Accademic libraries; special libraries; library associations; library journals & newsletters; library & librarians blogs, etc.
# 718. RE-LISTED "Wrestling" !!! Country - USA.

Great wrestling posts, photos, etc. Click on the highlighted words for video clips.

# 719. RE-LISTED Biker Chicks. Country - USA. A really great blog with a lot of great photos.