Sunday, March 12, 2006

# 640 - # 648

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone, Sunday 12th !!! I have re-numbered these 9 blogs and added a "new" 647 & 648, so if you had a look yesterday, have another look. as one blog is to do with motorbikes and the other has some great photos.

New Zealand Websites & Blogs - " "Listed Here" !!!
Any New Zealander is welcome to email me their blog address, if they want it listed.

"My Twin's Krazy Blog" !!! You didn't know I had a twin - did you ??? Well, to tell you the truth, nor did I, until he started talking to me one day !!! (hehe) This is his blog that he started, as I didn't want to list the "blogs" on this blog site. One new one has been listed, but have another look at all the blogs listed, as they have been updated from what i can remember. Your memory would be better than mind as I only get to use half-my-memory now, that I have to share it with my twin !!!


I am looking for "great blogs" to list here - Anyone reading this blog is welcome to email me with their blog address, so I can have a look. Your blog can be in any language - it doesn't have to be in english, as you will see I have listed blogs, in other languages, which had great photos.

# 640. NEW - Guess What ??? Country - India. You wouldn't in a 100 years guess, what I have seen on this blog. Those NZ'ers that are 100 years old - well pre 1967 will see what I am talking about. It is something that has the words "New Zealand" on it !!! I wonder where he got it from ??? Have a look. Interesting posts as well.

# 641. NEW - Sixth Floor !!! Country - Peru & USA. Despite the name of this blog, it goes higher than the 6th floor. You will see what I mean when you have a look at the great photos.

# 642. NEW - Great Photos Country - Chile. You have to see these great photos to believe them. It is amazing what you can see in other countries.

# 643. NEW - The Forces Of Nature !!! Country - Spain One of those blogs, in a language I cannot understand. They do have some storm photos fromLouisiana, Hurricane Katrina, etc, worth having a look at.

#644. - NEW - Great Photos & Pictures Country - ??? There are only a handful of photos & pictures on this blog, but as they say they are "worth a 1000 words" !!! They have made a great start with hopeful more to come. There are a couple of photos of a person in a coffin.

# 645. NEW - Great Photos Country - Portugal. One of those blogs, where I could not understand the language, but it just so happened that this blog was the "one" I just happened to pick out of the 6 blogs he has. I couldn't of picked a better blog, or could I ??? I never had a look at the other blogs - I'll leave that up to you. This blog had females playing "rugby" !!!

# 646. NEW - Great Photos Country - Athens, Greece, but this fella has travelled more tha a few miles !!! He has also travelled to NZ twice (via his computer) and left a couple of comments as DIA on the All Comments Here Blog !!!

# 647. NEW - Kool Bikes !!! Country - India. I left a comment under one post, with a single word, that is well known in NZ, that says it all - especially when something goes wrong !!! But I don't know if the person whose blog it is will post it, as it was the "B" word.

# 648. Re Listed - Great Photos !!! Country - Singapore. I was trying to "toss" up on which blog to list this blog, because it has some great photos of "Singapore", great "Food" photos and great photos of that country down under, which everyone seems to love. I can't for the life of me, remember the name of it ??? (Hehe) Hey, that's it - NZ !!! Enjoy !!!