Friday, May 19, 2006

# 550 - # 557

#550. NEW - "SHARKEY MALARKEY" !!! Country - USA. Okay - tissue time, because this blog will bring a tear to your eye, when you watch this amazing dog !!! The dog has even been on the Oprah Winfrey Show. (Post - Friday May 19th)

#551. NEW - Show DJG On BBC Country - UK. Alice is creating awareness & support, for a campaign to encourage the BBC to air the Korean drama - "Dae Jang Geum" on British television.

#552. NEW - MY PICTURE Country - Taiwan. This is one of those those blogs, where I could not understand the language, but I certain understood the "black & white" photos !!! There are two or three (who's counting nude photos) but to me it is "art". There is something to be said for black & white photos. Number 161 Wednes.17th was taken in Wellington, NZ in 1995. He also has another blog MY DRAWINGS which are art !!!

#553. NEW -

#554. NEW - My Amazing World Country - Somewhere on this earth !!! A great selection of interesting posts, including one (Mon. May 22nd) how much water we drink.

#555. NEW -

#556. NEW - "Quilted Postcards" Country - ??? It's amazing what craft work some people do, as you will see on this blog. I cannot understand the language or even leave the person a comment or even send them a email as there's nothing there to be able to do so.

#557. NEW - "AMBLES" Country - Canada. When someone complains that is is cold - tell them that they should at least put some clothes on !!! Also spare a thought for those whose way of life is snow, snow & more snow !!!