Sunday, May 14, 2006

# 558 - # 568

#558. NEW - "One Marine's View" Capt.B, a serving soldier in Iran. A really great blog with Combat Updates; Hero's Call and more - a lot more !!! Check it out - put the American Flag on your blog !!!

#559. My News Ideas Country - USA. I found a post containing the above flag with the words - "If anyone would like to copy this flag, feel free to do so. Please. Let us all show our support for the land of the free and the home of the brave" !!! So I copied it and anyone who wants to is welcome to copy it on to their blog.

FOOTNOTE: Monday 15th - RED ALERT !!! Rosemary / My News Ideas - left a comment on "All comments here please", so I thought I would have a look at her profile !!! Okay - hands up all of you who thought I was a krazy monkey with the number of blogs I have got !!! Come on - I can't see any hands from where I sit. Having had a look at her profile, I don't feel so krazy after all, because she has, wait for it - drum roll please - ......FIFTY TWO BLOGS.
I know I may of lead you up the garden path a couple of times in the pass - I never hold your hand though because I know don't if it's clean or where it's been - I aren't leading you up the garden path this time. Have a look for yourself - FIFTY TWO BLOGS !!! It doesn't sound many, when you say it quick.

#560 NEW - The Cork & Demon Country - USA. Wine, wine & more wine and not a drop to drink - not even in her side-bar !!! This is a b.y.o - bring your own - but don't forget to share. Maybe she will give you some oysters (#561 is hers too) too go with the wine !!!

#561 NEW - Cocktails & Oysters !!! Country - USA. Boy o boy o boy - it's been a little while since I have come across a blog like this !!! Have a look - there is even a photo of the statue of that wood-chopper, Paul Bunyan & The Blue Ox. Anyone who can re-call that story, is old(er) than I am !!!

#562 NEW - NAXERUL !!! Country - USA. No matter what you are interested in, there's bound to be "something here" that will reach out and grab you.

#563- NEW Fun, Pun, Whatever !!! Country - India. There are two blogs - both worth having a look at. Ooohhh........there's also a little game you can play wth Mr.Bush - Post April 11th. His other blog - "Amyths" !!!

#564 Way To Change Country - Cairo, Egypt. Every now & again I come across a blog like this which makes for interesting reading. If you have no goal, it matter less where you end !!! Have a read - I am sure you find it interesting.

#565 Minakami Blonde !!! Country - Japan. A lady from USA, experiencing life in Japan. Great photos.

#566 NEW - Great Photos Country - The Netherlands. This blog has a lot of great photos - The lady is from Brazil, the language is in portuguese, but she now lives in The Netherlands.

#567 NEW - Great Photos Country - Australia. Some really great photos of the Australian outback.

#568 NEW- Great Photos Country - France. I could not understand the language, but there are a lot of interesting photos.