Monday, July 31, 2006

# 500 - Mystery Blogger ???

Kia Ora (Hello) It seems I have bloggers scratching their head as to who blogger #500 will be !!! Well, scratch away, because I don't think that you will get within a bulls roar of guessing the bloggers name.

So, in reply to emails already received -

He has more than 3 blogs but less than 12.
He is not a famous movie star.
He is not a famous pop star, although he is into his music in a way.
He is old as far as blogging goes, but young in age - he isn't over the hill yet.
His profile number is lowwwwwww.
His profile views are high - over 100,000.

I have had a quick look at a couple of his blogs, but have yet to check out his others. You will just have to wait until I list his blogs, as I don't want to give you any more clues.

So, as they say.............."watch this space" !!!