Thursday, October 12, 2006

# 440 - # 449 / Completed

#440. Puplit Of The Last Days Country - ??? A great Christian blog.

#441 Paris Breakfasts Country - USA. Her words - "Paris and watercolors are my twin passions. Paris is my touchstone. It's the place I think, paint and dream about every day" !!!

#442 A Growing Delight Country - Australia. In her own words......"The idle comments of a passionate Australian gardener, whose 'Growing Delight' is sharing the everyday bits'n'pieces with other lovers of gardening, and through photography, the beauty of the Australian landscape"

#443. Re-listed Woof Nanny Country - USA. I know I have listed her blog once before but it's worth listing - again !!!

#444. Just rambling Country - Canada. A real family blog, with a great selection of photos, including photo's of the

#445. Loi & Yen Country - Australia, but.....!!! Great holiday photos & more photos & more..............

#446 Reisverslagen: Benjamin & Evelien Country - Belgium. A really great selection of photos, so you don't need to understand the words - just look !!!

#447 Sabah Negeri Bawah Bayu Country - Malaysia. Photos, photos & more photos !!!

#448 Noticias da Minha Freguesia Country - Portugal. I cannot understand the language, but I like the photos.

#449 Phill & Desiree' Lekanof's Site Country - St George Island, Alaska