Wednesday, February 21, 2007

# 320 - # 329 Completed 21st Feb.

#320. I'm Still Here Country - Japan. An interesting blog to read with great photos and he was born in Christchurch, NZ.

#321. GHANA UNITE FOR DEVELOPMENT Country - Ghana. His words - "This blog is an initiative of the Ghana Youth Leadership Alliance (GYLA),a nonprofit youth-run organization committed to ideals of networking (,leadership ( and service ( among young Ghanaians in Ghana and overseas. We hope this blog will help facilitate the free flow of ideas and ultimately contribute to the development of our beloved nation,Ghana"

#322. Subcontinent Travel Journal Country - ??? Her words - "Aladin had his carpet and lamp. Today with a laptop and 747 ... away we go. Join me for another two months of exploration".

#323. Just Being John Michael Country - USA. A lot of interesting reading.

#324. Rosa dos Ventos Country - Portugal. Could not understand the language but interesting photos, including a couple of hedgehogs. Something I haven't seen around for a while. They normally come out at night and like milk & bread.

#325. Ocean and Forest Walks Country - Canada. Her words "A photo tour of spectacular Vancouver Island destinations and wildlife".

#326. Yabo Voyage Country - India. I could not understand the language, but there is a lot of great photos.

#327. Walkin' in Tokyo Country - Japan. His words - "Off the beaten tracks walks in Tokyo for the urban landscape lover and daily life curious".

#328. Weather in Alaska Country - Alaska. Just reading his blog makes me shiver with cold, so I am glad I don't live there. It looks such a beautiful place but too cold for an old monkey.

#329. A spectre is haunting asia Country - China. An american in China - a lot of great reading & great photos.